Manter um CV atualizado é como manter a casa arrumada, uma tarefa de prioridade baixa e incrivelmente propensa a ser deixada para depois.

Página no Linkedin é algo que eu até tenho mas está completamente abandonada, cheia de teia de aranha e poeira, eu nem abro para não ter que ler, passar vergonha e me sentir mal por não ir lá atualizar...

Até porque Linkedin já perdeu a maior parte da utilidade que ja teve um dia, hoje ter um perfil do github ativo na minha opinião conta bem mais.

Mas semana passada no slack do opensanca apareceu uma oferta de emprego meio-período que me chamou atenção, batia com minhas habilidades e me interessei. Apesar de não estar ativamente procurando por um emprego fixo novo, a idéia de ter alguma fonte de renda pequena e que não ocupe todo o meu dia parece boa.

E como não tenho nenhum currículo mais atualizado online, acabei escrevendo um resumo via chat mesmo.

Infelizmente essa vaga em particular eu não consegui, mas como gastei um tempinho escrevendo esse resumo, publico-o aqui só para tê-lo online e quem sabe poder apenas linkar para essa pagina da proxima vez que alguma vaga bacana aparecer na minha frente:

About me

I am a programmer, working with the web for maybe 20 years, I am a free-software enthusiast, I have a small company with my brother ( and I do freelance work.

For the past 2 years I’ve worked on a web app (mobile/desktop)for Ibope/Kantar (a Brazilian TV audience tracking company) that was made in React / flummox (redux still didn't existed by the time we started it), it is one of their main products and I am proud of having managed to sell a modern and open source project to such and old/traditional/bureaucratic/Microsoft-lover company. The source is at

Last year I got the opportunity to be the senior engineer and “the free-software division" of a small startup here in São Carlos: we've developed a couple of Facebook Messenger chatbots, including one that the company still uses as showcase called Bigode (source at ) that was a bot for selling intercity bus tickets via chat. I have led a team of interns, coded a framework for our bots ( ), and was developing the system for the SASS (Service as a Software Substitute) that we were about to launch at the end of the year. The front-end made in that is a framework based/inspired by the ideas of flux/react/redux/elm-architecture and the backend api in the AWS Lambda + API Gateway + DynamoDB stack, the sources are at and

But I had to leave Calamar when the company’s investment money were no longer able to sustain me as employee there ( a blog post in Portuguese about it is at and references about myself or my work can be asked to any of the linked people in there :)

After Calamar I got 2 other freelance paid open source projects last year, 2 Telegram bots one for photo sharing and one for communication with teachers of a program, both integrated with Google Cloud APIs, the sources are at and

And since the past month I am trying to challenge myself to build a low budget indie-game and blog about the progress. The urls of the blog and the github organization are and

Those are the recent stuff, and maybe the more related with front-end, but I would be happy to talk about other stories and projects from my older past if you will, like my involvement with the Mozilla community, the crowdsource campaing to buy a bus, the time that I lived in Palo Alto working for a Marc Andreesen's company (Ning), the first adblocker extension in the world (bannerblind) or the Netscape Navigator game sidebar made in Flash, or the open source music player that got super popular and used by, CDBaby, and dozens of artists webpages and Myspace pages :P

Out of sync cv-like links:

Fabricio Campos Zuardi

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